What Time Is It There?

What Time Is It There? ★★★★★

loneliness, unto sadness. 

absurd in the humorous sense, but also absurd in how the extraordinary plays out through everyday occurrences. the world moves slowly; there isn't any tension between characters nor an urgency that drives these sequences. time is sacred, yet at the same time bastardized. 

the film made me cry, maybe for a number of reasons. maybe i see myself in hsiao-kang's shoes, longing for a time that isn't mine. i try to keep some clocks of mine fifteen hours behind, after all. maybe i take solace in shiang-chyi's fear of isolation in a world where she just barely rubs elbows with others, only to walk on ahead alone. maybe i'm stubborn like the mother that waits for her deceased loved one to return. do i talk to the birds and my dog knowing that my lola could be listening, or because they're much needed company?

it's lonely in this time zone, i understand. still, there's hope that even the dead can live on in another one.

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