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  • The Night Before

    The Night Before


    Sometimes you want to like a movie more than it deserves to be liked.

  • Deadpool



    If you can imagine a movie like AIRPLANE! directed by the Wachowski Brothers in their prime, you'll have a good idea what DEADPOOL is.

    If that sounds interesting, get ready for a fun ride this weekend.

    This review is short because everything essential in this wise-ass action film is done very well: Ryan Reynolds gives the performance he was born for as the quick witted title character, who's sets out on a revenge mission to capture the doctor who turned…

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  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    I've seen THE SOCIAL NETWORK so many times now, and loved it more each time, that I have to wonder how many times I can watch its chilly scenes and curdled friendships before I get sick of it.

    I suspect that number is north of 20.

    I love David Fincher, even though the chief emotion he inspires is a queasy and sick dread.

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    By Christopher Allan Smith

    -- Here there be spoilers --

    There has probably never been a better use of movie magic than STAR WARS.

    In its potent mixture of human archetypes as old as our deepest past, laser blasters and starships from as far in the future as we can gaze, in its perfect counterpoints of the familiar and strange, the exciting and deeply moving, this universe George Lucas created 40 years ago is the…