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  • Shimmer Lake

    Shimmer Lake


    8 Crazy ass Dwight Shrutes outta 10
    And I can't recommend it enough, Shimmer Lake is everything I could possibly want in this type of film.

    Especially Rainn Wilson as Andy, Rainn hasn't impressed me this much since Hesher.
    Featuring mostly comedic actors playing really serious roles was a genius idea in my opinion,

    although it might not be to everyone, in hindsight there was a lot of clues pointing to the solution that I probably should have picked…

  • Baby Ghost

    Baby Ghost


    (This is a re-type, the original version of this Baby Ghost "review" is lost forever and only exists in my memory)

    Somewhere in Ohio 1996....

    7:00 pm
    News Reporter: And we are back! If you are just tuning in, my name is Brian Jennings and welc...
    News Reporter: And I'm Sheryl Fox welcome back to the WBNS Halloween Spooktacular!
    BJ: Oh sorry Sheryl I got so excited about the Halloween festivities i completely forgot about…

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  • It


    The part in the trailer where Georgie hits his head on the sign is FUCKING hilarious

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    Me during the film: Haha yeah impress me Mr Lynch with your so called "masterpiece"

    Me after the film sobbing uncontrollably on the phone:
    Please Davey I'm sorry I'm so sorry please forgive me just love me please

    David Lynch: new phone who dis?