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  • 1922



    I'm really not familiar at all with the source material which inspired this, so perhaps that aided me into thinking that 1922 isn't too bad, its a slow burn yes that can get tedious and sluggish a lot but when it works it works pretty well. But this is definitely a movie to watch when you have a lot of energy and patience, when you had a long and shitty day like I did it can definitely affect your viewing.…

  • Victor Crowley

    Victor Crowley


    I met Adam Green today...
    And he is easily the nicest filmmaker I have ever met, we talked about GWAR and Dangerous Toys it was pretty sweet.
    But watching this in a theater with other people was just a fantastic experience that made driving 2 hours to Cleveland worth it because honestly I love this movie. Is it better than Hatchet? YES. But will I tell you anything about it? HELL NO. Watch this movie for yourself, don't look up…

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  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    I never thought i would give a Mcg film 4 stars but here we are....
    The Babysitter is a blast that I couldn't help but be swept up in, I'm sure this movie has a lot of flaws but I was too busy loving it to care.
    I really hope they make a sequel, The Babysitter is fantastic, check it out.

    Side note but Samara Weaving is quite possibly the most likable psychotic killer satanist ever.

    Oh and my Intergalactic…

  • It



    The part in the trailer when Georgie hits his head on the sign is FUCKING hilarious