Gabriel Jewett

Gabriel Jewett

"Damn! I shouldn't have bought that second milk!" -Lenny, Demolition High

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  • Save the Tiger

    Save the Tiger


    An all timer last 20 minutes of any film, this film is quite spectacular. The Oscar Jack Lemmon was very well deserved, I couldn't see anybody else in 1973 beating him. Great film.

  • The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave

    The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave


    Some childhood movies should stay in childhood memories apparently... Bob Einstein is great and hilarious, this movie wasn't as good as I used to think unfortunately.

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  • Better Watch Out

    Better Watch Out


    I must have uttered the phrase "what the fuck" out loud like 50 times while watching this.

  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    I never thought i would give a Mcg film 4 stars but here we are....
    The Babysitter is a blast that I couldn't help but be swept up in, I'm sure this movie has a lot of flaws but I was too busy loving it to care.
    I really hope they make a sequel, The Babysitter is fantastic, check it out.

    Side note but Samara Weaving is quite possibly the most likable psychotic killer satanist ever.

    Oh and my Intergalactic…