Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★½

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Oh Oh Oh God no it's fucking Christmas Review #18
Why call it Black Christmas? Why? Call it literally anything else, and it would have been more effective to me and others. Usually I don't care if horror films are PG-13 because I can think of a few pretty good ones, but in this film it shows really noticeably to the point it feels lame most of the time. Choppy editing that took me out of many scenes, I wanted to like this movie I was excited to see it. I love the original obviously, and I even love the 2006 remake. There's some references to the original but it feels very forced, like they wanted people to say "1974???? I CLAPPED BECAUSE I FUCKING REMEBER". Speaking of forced, the dialogue feels very unnatural. Like they were writing tweets instead of a movie, making a political film is fine with me I can think of multiple great feminist films. But you should always focus on making a good film first a political statement second, because apparently Mean Girls and Deadpool are extremely misogynistic now? That's news to me to be honest. I really like Imogeen Poots, she's awesome and she deserved a better more fleshed out role not a caricature of a human being. Everytime this film makes valid points a character or thing happens that directly contradicts what was just said. If they release an R rated cut the movie might be 100% improved so I'll give it a second chance if that happens. But if and only then. This could have been great, but it chose to be a Tumblr post instead of subtlety. That's a damn shame, I don't want to be negative anymore on here I've unfortunately written scathing reviews which I regret but I won't delete. I hate to say it but this is my least favorite film of 2019.

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