Scream ★★★★★

I waited 11 years for this.... It didn't disappoint. I don't agree with every decision made that's for sure but the ones I do were done wonderfully. A few punch ups to the script and it would have been perfect. But Scream is like my favorite thing so I'm of course bias. Now I'm not going to spoil anything because the movie literally just came out and that would be pretty lame, I will say what I always thought was going to happen did... And I don't agree with it to be honest, it kind defeated the purpose of that dynamic we had seen in 4 other movies and it made me sad man. Also in hindsight the identity of Ghostface is pretty obvious which is a small gripe but it hasn't been this obvious since the first movie and I pretty much knew right away. A cameo did happen though that I was shocked by which made me audibly say "WHAT THE FUCK" luckily there was only 2 other people in the theater so I wasn't pulling a Jada Pinkett Smith. I'll probably see this again in theaters because I want to support the filmmakers and this franchise man. This was my most anticipated movie in a long time and I'm satisfied. If they make a Scream 6 I will happily watch it, sometimes franchise horror doesn't blow. Who knew? Now I gotta get to work on my horror script, I'm inspired as hell.