Spookies ★★★½

Story Time With Uncle Nutsy, Kids!

Spookies was originally a film called Twisted Souls, began shooting in the late summer of 1984 and finished principal photography in October of 1984.
Now Twisted Souls was directed by Brendan Faulkner and Thomas Doran with producer credit going to Frank Farel and the two directors.
But creative and legal issues prevented Twisted Souls from finishing in Post Production, so later in 1985 a director by the name of Genie Joseph was brought in to film filler which in turn became Spookies.
So all the footage of Twisted Souls is the teenagers who arrive at the house and the monsters who subsequently attack them: Demon/Ouija Girl, The Mucky Men, Spider Woman, Snake Demons, Hallway Demon, and of course The Grim Reaper.
Now the Spookies footage which is by far inferior to Twisted Souls is the boy looking for the party for some reason, the man in the tree, the Werewolf?, the magician and his comatose Mr Freeze wife, the Zombies who look like they walked out of a SOV film, the witch and the little blue boy.

Now even though Spookies is kind of a uneven mess the special effects in Twisted Souls is so fantastic that it makes the entire movie worth watching definitely an effects film.
I consider this two films and I rated it accordingly, the Spookies portion while still very entertaining isn't nearly as polished so I would give Spookies 6 magicians who need to realize that shes just not that into them and move on with their life outta 10.
Now Twisted Souls I really liked and it is by far the better portions so would give "Twisted Souls a 7 1/2 annoyingly unfunny "comic relief" outta 10.

And yes I researched some obscure 1986 horror film because Social Life? I've never heard of this film

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