• The Simpsons: When Billie Met Lisa

    The Simpsons: When Billie Met Lisa


    As a lifelong Simpsons fan I have my limits... My moments of asking "is this all worth it?" This and the Bad Bunny short are just awful and pointless. Thank God it's only 3 minutes, also it's sad that they don't acknowledge Homer bought her all of her saxophones. I know "Lisa knock off that racket" is a trope but still... He does care.

  • The Haunted

    The Haunted


    Suprisingly pretty good, made at a time when TV movies were a big deal and somewhat respected. They were also usually made with love and care. It's kind of a shame tv movies don't get that same treatment, also shocking that the Warrens really only got one movie made about one of their cases, with them actually in it before the Conjuring came and made them household names.

  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers


    Far far too much Seth Rogen, can't believe I used to really like that dude. He's insufferable now.
    The most tonally disconnected to its source material I think any of these modern "soft reboots" have come. It's kinda derivative of Roger Rabbit but not nearly as strong or comedically tight. Most of the jokes are the expense of non Disney or Disney adjacent properities besides the main villian. They missed a chance to be self aware and poke fun at…

  • Jackass 4.5

    Jackass 4.5


    I always enjoy these .5 because alot of the times they have some better stunts than what appears in the movie. While I do think 2.5 is the peak this movie was still alot of fun. Jackass Forever isn't the best movie or a masterpiece or anything but it was never trying to be, it's just pure and simple fun. 4.5 is the same way. Good stuff.

  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    Really nasty little film. I loved it. The political subtext is a tad ham fisted but it was never distracting and it's kinda hard to ignore in today's world so I can forgive it. Really good shit.

  • Firestarter



    It was pretty boring not gonna lie. It was so inconsequential and low stakes that I don't have much to say. This is a very late 70s early 80s story and it shows. This kinda story only works as a dime store paperback or a 80s movie. It really doesn't fit the modern style. I think they should have did something more coming of age than what they did. Zac Efron is a good performance but hes miscast here, he…

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Did we need a Laura Palmer movie? No probably not. A movie about what happened after Cooper's doppleganger left the Black Lodge probably would have been more satisfying a conclusion to the original run. But is Fire Walk With Me just as as tragic, amazing, heart breaking, and incredibly beautiful as the show? You bet your ass. I've seen the original run a few times but now I'm finally going to sink my teeth into The Return, wish me luck.…

  • Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

    Legendary character Fred Ward has died. From Miami Blues to Tremors to Cast A Deadly Spell he did a ton of really great stuff. Remo Williams too of course. I'll miss ya Fred rest in peace.

  • Ernest Scared Stupid

    Ernest Scared Stupid

    Incredibly sad news today. John Cherry co creator of Ernest and the director of all of the Ernest films has died. Ernest left a big impact on me growing up so this is tough news. Jim Varney and John Cherry were huge influences on my comedic stylings. He will be missed.

  • King Kong

    King Kong


    KOOOOOONG Review #6
    Pure adventure. I like it as much as when I saw it years ago. It's just too damn long that's the only thing holding it back. I'm probably gonna end the Kong reviews here, I wanted to rewatch Skull Island the Toho pictures but I think I'll save those for a rainy day. Also kinda wanted to watch more Kong rip offs so consider this on hiatus for now. Gots more movies to see

  • Mighty Joe Young

    Mighty Joe Young


    KOOOOOONG Review #5
    I know this isn't a Kong movie but close enough let's be honest. I honestly prefer this to the first Kong which I know is blasphemous but I can't deny how I feel in my heart of hearts. This is a sweet and much happier version of the Kong story.

  • King Kong Lives

    King Kong Lives


    KOOOOOOONG Review #4
    Not hear but I have fond memories of this one. I still enjoy it.