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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Friday the 13th
  • Friday the 13th Part 2
  • Friday the 13th Part III
  • Friday the 13th

Bluray Collection

308 films

My entire Blu-ray collection. no particular order. TV shows: * Walking Dead Season 1 * Holliston season 2 *Speed Racer:…

  • Natural Born Killers
  • Thelma & Louise
  • Logan's Run
  • The Fugitive
  • The Hunted

Three Fugitives with Martin Short is a bad movie.

10 films

Thinking of movies about actual fugitives was harder than I thought it would be.

  • Crimes of Passion
  • True Romance
  • Body Double
  • Mermaids
  • S.F.W.

Best First Watches of 2018

135 films

I will update this every time I watch something that is really good, inspiring, leaves an emotional connection, or maybe…

  • Mad Max
  • Muriel's Wedding
  • Wolf Creek
  • The Babadook
  • Bad Boy Bubby

Crocodile Dundee is basically Outback steakhouse in film form, but I love it all the same

10 films

Oh, I completely forgot showdowns were a thing. So here's my very late favorite Australian films.

  • Best Men
  • Point Break
  • Flypaper
  • Baby Driver
  • A Fish Called Wanda

Gimme the Loot

10 films

As usual I wanted to showcase some underrated heist films and the usual suspects.

Honorable mentions: Going in style (original)…

  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Holes
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2
  • Garfield
  • Constantine

Films I have seen in theaters/Drive-Ins

61 films

Going off of pure memory. Drive-In first then theater after Drillbit Taylor. E.T. was at a Drive-In charity event, I…

  • Monsters
  • Mean Creek
  • The Blair Witch Project
  • The Evil Dead
  • Swingers

Mo' Money

10 films

I wanted to showcase some really good independent films that aren't talked about as much, while also showing the essentials…

  • The Little Panda Fighter
  • Smosh: The Movie
  • Laserblast
  • The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
  • The Gaul

IHE- The Search For The Worst

58 films

Not included: Tangled Up Moses der prinz aus agypten

  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Grease
  • Cannibal! The Musical
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Phantom of the Paradise

I don't like The Sound of Music

11 films

MY favorite musicals, I love me some musicals. Honorable mentions: The Pitch Perfect Trilogy The Wiz Stage Fright (2014) Lion…

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Legend of Drunken Master
  • Wheels on Meals
  • Gorgeous

I know Kung Fu

11 films

Favorite duels in films, Jackie Chan is the best at these that's why he's in the list more than once.…

  • Bleeding Rose
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • Mutiny on the Bounty
  • Resident Evil: Extinction
  • Trick or Treat

DVD Collection

101 films

Here are all the DVDs I still have, companion list to the VHS collection and Bluray collection lists. TV shows:…

  • The Baby
  • Flowers in the Attic
  • Serial Mom
  • Carrie
  • Braindead

My mom's favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle

10 films

My favorite bad moms, the mother from A.I is probably the single worst mother in movie history. She made her…