Baby Driver

Baby Driver ★★★★

I liked Baby Driver a great deal, but I don’t think I quite liked it as much as the hype might suggest. The music in the film is amazing and the way it’s incorporated was just perfect with scenes orchestrated to hit certain beats of a song and certain lyrics. The amount of work that must have gone into just blows my mind. The car chases are really great too though maybe not as plentiful as you might expect from the trailer. It isn’t something you’ve really seen from Edgar before, but he handles the action really well.

But on with the issues. While most of the characters are great, Baby’s love interest Deborah, is terribly written. We are meant to just blindly believe that she is willing to run away with this quiet guy she meets just days earlier. And even after she finds out he’s a criminal and even when she sees him shoot a guy, she has no worries about going off with him. We really get little to no background on her and she’s relegated to looking pretty and doing as she’s told.

Another minor issue I had was the fact the Baby is a music fanatic and collects vinyl so we know he cares about quality, yet he listens to all of his music with Apple earphone, which are some of the worst you can possibly buy.

But the good far outweighs the bad. Jamie Foxx is a great villain and John Hamm steals the show. The soundtrack also has some Boards of Canada, which will always win me over (yet it’s not on the actual CD soundtrack for some reason). Edgar Wright again shows that he’s a director that can be relied on to make a great film and despite it’s flaws, Baby Driver is no exception.