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This review may contain spoilers.

Housebound has some nice ideas and takes things in a somewhat different direction than you might initially think. I do think that things could have been improved greatly by having a more likeable lead character. Kylie is just such a bitch to her mother that I could never warm to the girl and therefore a lot of the story, where we are meant to be on her side, felt cold to me.

I do like that the house turns out to not be haunted at all. I can't think of a horror film that sets up a house as being haunted, has ever actually gone in this direction. It's certainly a very fresh idea and is the films highlight. We instead have something of a Bad Ronald moment with there being a guy living in the walls of the house who has been there for years. Though by the time we've gotten to this point, the film had lost me a little too much due to the lead. I did like the security guard Amos, who, as soon as he hears the house might be haunted, is straight in there to investigate. Most of the comedy in the film comes from him and it works pretty well.

It's a real shame about the lead being so unlikable as this was a big part of me finding this a good film rather than a great one.