Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★½

Kong: Skull Island is about as dumb as they come. It’s filled with idiocy, from the fact that this group of helicopters decide to fly through what looks like the kind of storm that would shred them to pieces in seconds, to the fact that Samuel L Jackson just stands in front of Kong staring him down constantly. The story is really terrible and laughably cheesy with just about every clichéd character you’d expect from an adventure movie.

But the giant monster scenes are good fun and the film works nicely when we see Kong ripping apart giant skull crawlers or helicopters out of the sky. It all looks really nice too with great use of Kong in the extreme foreground with fire and explosions all around him. I also enjoyed John C Reilly’s character. I don’t thin g a Kong movie really needs to be so comedy heavy, but since the majority was a pretty horrible cheese fest, at least his character helped the thing move along a little easier.