Maniac Cop ★★★

Maniac Cop was a staple in my VHS player as a kid. I watched it endlessly and checking it out again now, I remembered quite a lot from it, though oddly I remember a scene with the Maniac Cop throwing someone through a load of windows in an office that wasn't in this film. I can only presume that's in the sequel.

The film is far less gory than I remember it, infact the kills are all a bit tame and mostly just stabbings of strangulations. But Matt Cordell is a fun character with an interesting back story, though it doesn't really make sense to why his is immune to bullets to the head. It's always great to see Bruce Campbell in anything and he does a good job here and even remain likeable after cheating on his wife just minutes after we are introduced to him. But it's Tom Atkins that steals the show here. The guy plays an ageing detective out looking for the Maniac Cop and you just can't help but root for him.

The thing I most remember about the film is the final stunt with the wagon driving off the end of the pier. Every time I see it I'm amazed at the stuntman on the side of the vehicle who jumps off as its in the air. I always think that the wagon is going to come down on top of him. It looks like the kind of stunt that would never happen these days. I also remember the quite haunting theme tune that plays throughout the film. It's certainly one that stick with you.

Maniac Cop isn't as good as the 12 year old me though it was, but it's still a fun ride and has more than enough in it to entertain. It could certainly do with upping the violence a bit and tightening up the back story for Cordell. But it was good to revisit after all these years.