The Golem ★★

This had a lot of promise, but delivered very little. The biggest issue for me was the fact that it teases a really great monster with the opening scene. We see glimpses of a hugh bulk of a creature in a church or something. But then what we actually get for our Golem, is a 7 year old boy covered in mud. He isn’t even covered in mud for long as he’s given a wash the little oyke. I get why he’s a young boy, as the woman who summoned him had lost a child that would have been that age, but it doesn’t make for a great creature.

Then the film just plods along with very minimal amount of time spent on actual killing and anything resembling the almighty power the Golem is meant to posses being shown at all. By the end I just didn’t;t care. It looks great and is well made, but there is just so little actual substance.