The Sword in the Stone ★★★

I loved this as a kid. It was my favourite Disney film and I’ve always been a little dubious about revisiting it incase the nostalgia didn’t hold up. Sadly it doesn’t. there are some nice characters in here with Archimedes being the highlight as the moody owl. The duel between Merlin and Mimm is another highlight as they change form constantly through their battle. Sadly there is very little to the story. Merlin’s trials for Arthur are all the same. He changes him into an animal, some predator ends up coming after him and he escapes. By the third time this is a little tedious. Then there is the anti climax of the ending. Arthur pulls the sword from the stone, is declared king, decides he can’t do it, is told by Merlin he can and it ends. It seems as if there should be a half hour of other stuff after this yet it just stops dead. It’s a real shame and worries me about visiting other Disney films I loved as a child.