The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man ★★★★★

I love The Wicker Man. I honestly think it's the greatest British movie I've ever seen. This time I watched the all new Final Cut and to be honest, couldn't really see anything different about it. It has some new credits at the start and begins with Howie in church from the directors cut. I didn't notice any new footage at all which was disappointing. That said, it's still a superb watch and the Blu-Ray looks amazing.

On this watch, I really took note of just who it is you are rooting for in the film. I tended to side with Lord Summerisle, but he really isn't the good guy at all. He wants to kill Howie, who despite his stubbornness and his closed minded religious views, he is only doing his best to find and help a missing girl. So just why is it we have difficulty getting on his side? It's a masterful piece of work that makes us so confused as to where our alliance lies.

I also noticed just how much of the film is about sex. An obvious observation, but it just helps to create an odd, isolated mood. You really do feel like this island is a real place and yet one so far removed from the mainland and from mainstream beliefs.

The soundtrack is not just superb, it's the best soundtrack of all time. The songs are perfectly integrated into the film and not in a musical way where people break into song, but in a real way, like for example, people in the pub having a sing song or as part of a may day celebration. Willows Song still manages to give me goosebumps every time and that scene may be the best sex scene of all time and the two participates are in separate rooms and never even touch.

The ending still holds power and you really feel for Howie as he starts to scream out “Jesus Christ”. It's a moment where even if you have somewhat sided with the residents of Summerisle, you may now think that maybe they are going too far. Then we get that final shot of the sun which could be the greatest final shot ever.