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  • Rocketman


    Perhaps the perfection of the rise-fall-rise biopic, and also jukebox musicals. If it still didn't convince you, I'd argue there's a pretty hard upper limit to how good those two things can be, and you either have better standards than me or they just aren't for you. Everything necessary for the formula is present here - electric early performances, a decline into drug-fueled suicidal ideation, and interpersonal drama galore - but it's done with a lot more heart, stylistic panache,…

  • Aladdin


    If Aladdin were a stage-to-screen adaptation, it would be one of the better of those things. The songs stitch together the narrative as the camera journeys freely through the streets of Agrabah; Guy Ritchie has a sense for what will be appealing in live-action, what it allows and what it doesn't. Free-flying oners through a city are a consistent tool he utilizes. All the singers are competent for once, and vibrant color detail, costuming, and crowded crowd shots help it…

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  • House


    Recommended by Too Many Kans on the Metropolis server

    It feels like a crime against everything House stands for to sit down and try and write serious words about it, so by both my own definition and admission I am a criminal. House is by far one of the most "directed" feeling films I've ever watched, the conscious decisions of the director screaming out with every scene. In some moments it becomes impossible to tell what is the deliberate idea…

  • GoodFellas


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is a piece of pure entertainment. Forget any potential lessons to be learned about greed or criminality, is there a scene here that's not just entertaining, fun even?

    Each scene is structured almost like a joke, though few of them are legitimately funny. That is to say they are almost all entirely contained narratives in themselves, more than usual in a movie I think, and each building to its own mini-climax or punchline. They set themselves up with narration,…