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  • UHF



    Just a real freakin' nerdy good time. Rewatch this at least once a decade.

  • PCU



    I'm a sucker for goofy college stoner movies. This one in particular is the (very) 90s version of the trope. The evil harpy dean is overthrown by rich old white dudes and everyone cheers yaaaaaaay status quo maintained! It's kind of a cultural relic now.

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  • The Thinning

    The Thinning


    Exactly what you'd expect from a movie made by Google, starring Vine celebs.

  • White: The Melody of the Curse

    White: The Melody of the Curse


    This was great! The plot made sense and had a satisfying conclusion, the ghost scenes were scary, the deaths were creepy. Plus an interesting glimpse of the K-pop factory life for us Western folks. Highly recommended.