Mutant Girls Squad ★★★

Over the last couple of years I have watched a ton of Japanese movies, mostly horror. In the middle of Mutant Girls Squad I realized that I have naturally picked up one piece of the language during this time, which I think is spelled “nande yo ne”. It means, roughly, “WTF?”. This is a phrase that is used by both the characters and the audience a lot during Mutant Girls Squad.

At one point during this movie there is a fight involving one mutant girl armed with breast swords and another with an ass chainsaw. Do I really have to say more? Huh? Mutant Girls Squad was released under the Sushi Typhoon label, which I think is something like Troma for Japan. It features blood, blood, blood, death, boobs, and cosplay nurses.

If you’re okay with that, however, it’s pretty fun. Mutant Girls Squad doesn’t take itself the slightest bit seriously —it just wants to show us some cute girls lopping off limbs to a techno beat. On that scale it is a rousing success.