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  • The Highland Wind

    The Highland Wind

    This is a short I made. It's no masterpiece, just a short reflection on some feelings and some images I've had in mind for a long time

  • Whistle and I'll Come to You

    Whistle and I'll Come to You


    Jonathan Miller's adaptation of M.R James' short story 'Whistle And I'll Come To You' staring Michael Horden, is the most odd yet haunting forty minutes of film to ever reach the television screens of the BBC. Almost immediately, you are stuck by the strange mannerisms of its characters. From a bumbling hotel worker to the strange main character, who is permanently lost in his own thoughts. Director Jonathan Miller, in an interview concerning the film, admitted candidly: "I'm not very…

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  • A Man Escaped

    A Man Escaped


    Straightforward and simplistic like the best of escape movies. But unlike another great escape movie 'Escape From Alcatraz' (1979), 'A Man Escaped' uses frequent voiceover to elevate its story. Although voiceover can plague many films, take a look at the theatrical release of 'Blade Runner' (1982), it works particularly well here to gift the audience plot details and characterisation that would otherwise be lost. But without words, lead actor François Leterrier playing Fontaine, does particularly fantastic work. His childlike eyes…

  • As the Cube Hovers

    As the Cube Hovers


    "Parallel realities in two 2 min. halves: the first, a representation of society’s chaotic movement, and the second a metaphysical and quite literally physical materialization of loneliness & alienation. Furthermore a fragmentary short form collaboration, which takes a deconstructionist approach to the synthesis of architectural form, human form, and the form of the day’s sky (levitating over artificial light)"

    - two minutes of shopping footage and a shot of a sky