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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    1. watching this movie with people who have never seen it before is one of my favorite pastimes

    2. every time I see it, I pick up on even more Easter eggs — this time, it was the omega signs on the front porch during the wide shot when they first arrive at the house plus the carrot cake being the dessert at dinner

    3. this was filmed in Alabama, shoutout to us

  • Middleditch & Schwartz

    Middleditch & Schwartz


    some pranky goofs

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  • Us



    It Get Out was a slam dunk, Us is a contested midrange jumper that you don’t know how it’s going in — but it manages to rattle its way home.

    But I’ll say one thing about Jordan Peele: 
    [NBA Jam voice] HE’S HEATING UP

  • Serenity


    Matthew McConaughey as Nicolas Cage
    Anne Hathaway as Jessica Rabbit
    Jason Clarke as Cartoonishly Evil Antagonist
    Cargo Plane Filled with Hard Drugs as Explanation for This Movie