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  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil


    real sick little movie, building rougher and rougher as it goes. and you can not look away. second time through was struck by what great acting job two leads do in genre that doesn't generally ask for it. actor as villain has tour de force that climaxes in way to make you feel for character. and actor playing ex cop shows such restraint until character can let himself break. final twist is so far out there it makes my head ache.

  • The Seagull

    The Seagull


    Chekov never translates to screen well. this does come fairly close, but still lacks the intimacy that works on stage. Elizabeth moss comes closest, maybe. still hundred times better than Sidney lumet's version.

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  • Mademoiselle



    another film in the classic ' sexual frustration will make you mean and deadly ' genre

  • La Ronde

    La Ronde


    wonderful. fantasy sequences play like magic. makes you forget that like a circle this doesn't really lead to anything.