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  • Over the Edge

    Over the Edge


    Bleak and political yet achingly hip (for 1979, anyway) and righteous, Kaplan expertly uses his New World exploitation training, along with a carefully assembled young cast and an even-handed script by Haas and Hunter. Over twelve hours later, I still just want to turn Ramones or The Who up loud and smash shit up.

  • Pandora Peaks

    Pandora Peaks


    Peaks and the other women are uncharismatic and dull (certainly not up to the standard of RM's golden-era starlets), but the segments where RM recounts his WWII on a trip through Germany are fascinating, and perhaps an indication of how we could expect if The Breast Of Russ Meyer ever sees a release. Plus, how many edits in this thing?!

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  • Black Snake

    Black Snake


    Handsomely-shot, Barbados-lensed anti-slavery exploitationer. Well-intentioned but iffy and predictable. Hempel is miscast.

  • The Seven Minutes

    The Seven Minutes


    Russ Meyer tries going "legit" with a largely humourless, almost TV-movie-like (except for the editing) courtroom drama about censorship. A letdown after BVD.