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  • The Green Ray
  • Thief
  • Bad Lieutenant
  • Paris, Texas

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  • Falling from Grace


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  • Strait-Jacket


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  • Sea of Love

    Sea of Love


    It's become such a boring cliché to be over the age of 30 and pose the question: Remember when they used to make films for adults? But it's impossible to watch Sea of Love and not think this the entire duration. Ostensibly a cop movie whodunnit, its success as a film comes more from the care in developing truly adult characters with adult problems: Pacino, pushing 50, Barkin pushing 40; their very real anxiety of being middle aged, having nothing…

  • Movies Are My Life: A Profile on Martin Scorsese

    Movies Are My Life: A Profile on Martin Scorsese


    Rarefilmm unearthed the first full length documentary on Martin Scorsese, unseen since a Sky TV broadcast in the early '90s. Unsure how viewed it was before that, but I imagine seldom. It's much more a major work than I imagined with an all star assembly of interview subjects in the Scorsese orbit (Cassavetes, De Niro, De Palma, J. Foster, Minnelli, Cocks, R. Robertson, S. Prince), all very candid, some more insightful than others. I don't know that I've ever seen…

Popular reviews

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie

    It's just the dumbest irony that Cassavetes worked his way up from nothing, scraping whatever acting money he could find, even mortgaged his home, to make personal film after personal film that when looked at as one giant statement ultimately reaches the artistic conclusion that the only thing that matters in the end; is love. Only for that to repeatedly inspire a fucking clown parade of legacy kid dipshits to make movies that consist entirely of couples arguing as a shortcut to being taken serious.

  • Mank


    Adult son David Fincher needs help from his dad to craft a cinematic love letter to the Luigi of Citizen Kane, Herman J. Mankieiecz (Oldman), or Mank, as he referred to no less than 700 times in this lifeless cosplay of The Golden Age of Hollywood. The biggest problem with this sort of retro filmmaking is it never truly feels like the era it’s imitating, so you have the biggest stylistic decision destined to fail as the movie will seem…