Music from Another Room ★½

Kevin Smith once said, "Ed Burns and The Brothers McMullen was the beginning of the end [for Independent Films]. It was a movie that absolutely could have been made by a studio. It had as much edge as vanilla ice cream, no name brand. Everyone wanted to get a Brothers McMullen underway. ’Cause everyone wanted that cheap but softshell picture that fuckin’ reaches into the warm and fuzzies of the average multiplex moviegoer while still being able to call it an independent. Even Harvey talked to Burns about making a movie at Miramax. It made me heartsick for a year."

Music from Another Room is one of the better examples of the post-Ed Burns world, the horrific era of "Indiewood Rom-Com," a bit of quirk to signal "THIS ISN'T A LAME ROMCOM," but that's exactly what it is, and in some ways it's even more cynical for trying to fool people into thinking it's anything else. There is not one, but two needle drops of Savage Garden's Truly, Madly, Deeply, and then it's the end credits song too. This is the type of movie we're dealing with here. "As much edge as vanilla ice cream, no name brand," indeed.
Jennifer Tilly's arc as a blind woman falling in love for the first time is the only worthwhile part of the movie, one more jewel for Tilly's "Best part of a bad movie" crown.