The Stunt Man ★★★½

Are my 2019 eyes influencing me or is The Stunt Man an allegory for the exploitation of desperate workers by vulture capitalists? Steve Railsback is in trouble with the law, Peter O'Toole hires/hides him as a stuntman worker on his set, then forces him to do increasingly more dangerous stunt work always with the subtext, "Well, you could just go back to your previous situation," until Railsback is forced to do a stunt he's sure only exists to kill him, but he does it anyway because what's the alternative? He does not get paid what he's promised.

Well, even if The Stunt Man isn't an allegory at all, it is a singular movie that has parts that fit into pretty much every genre, thus can't neatly be called any single one of them. What section was The Stunt Man at video stores back in the day? I honestly can't imagine. But this is all what makes it so good. There's nothing else truly like it. In the end, it is the second greatest film of all time that has pink smoke in it.