Holy Motors ★★★★★

I think I just saw a surreal masterpiece, but I'm still processing this beautiful, wacky film. I'm sure there are as many interpretations of this film as there are people who saw it. I haven't read anything about it yet, but can't wait to see other people's takes. It came across to me as a love letter to acting. Sure, the director is obviously saturated in film, mind, body and soul; but his leading man is the focus here, going through the motions, bearing his soul in every imaginable (or unimaginable) scenario. We rarely (if ever) see this man's true self, but instead he is the empty vessel which is constantly filled and subsequently emptied of the full range of human emotions and physical configurations. There are so many hilariously, awkwardly weird scenes in this film. They don't fit together in a neat package, but do form a strange, ambiguously profound tapestry. Heck, it's just a blast to experience, and obviously hard to describe without sounding like an uppity douche. Check it out for yourself!