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  • Thirst Street

    Thirst Street

    Far more commendable than the unhinged hysterics of Stinking Heaven, Thirst Street proves Silver to be a competent craftsman capable of thoughtful pacing, dynamic characters, and well-earned narrative surprises. Benefiting immensely from the talents of Sean Price Williams and Lindsey Burge, Silver delivers a powerful portrait of romantic obsession that feels like the wonderful bastard child of Cassavetes and Argento.

  • mother!



    Like an art-house Michael Bay, Darren Aronofsky spends most of his new movie mother! shunning all that good stuff like dynamic, believable characters; coherent, engaging action; and any meaningful deployment of pacing or suspense in lieu of an endlessly chaotic stream of infantile and inane shock tactics that start at 11 and go nowhere from there.

    Many spoiler-phobic reviewers have seemed to think that knowing anything about this film going in would ruin the entire experience and I would tend…

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  • Starship Troopers

    Starship Troopers


    A movie stolen from some alternative super-fascist reality where all the artifice, spectacle, and canned emotions of the Hollywood blockbuster are brought to their highest and most imperialistic ends. A film which makes sense of the war on terror four years before the war on terror even started. A movie ridiculing the Aryanness of the typical war film with it's reckless disregard for human life and the absurdities of it's banal melodrama, while never ill-treating its characters and still allowing…

  • Elle



    Verhoeven does something unusual. He gives us a female character who isn't presented as trying to take misogynistic masculine power into her own hands, who doesn't gain empowerment or liberation through some pursuit to "be a man." Instead huppert is realistically shown as actually having to babysit and appease all of the everyday matter of fact misogyny which surrounds her, her strength comes not through controlling violence, but through her own coping mechanisms and subtle mastery of various situations. Perhaps…