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  • At Berkeley

    At Berkeley

    Technological advances in the late 1950s made it possible to make a movie about any subject where there was enough light to shoot film. Therefore, every aspect of contemporary life could be explored on film. There is great drama, tragedy, comedy in ordinary experience, which if you happen to be lucky enough to be present when it occurs, you can use in film. My goal is to make films of as many different aspects of life as I can. 1

  • Love


    In short, I think Love (2015) is Gaspar Noé 's manifesto on film sexuality. A manifesto brimming with evidence and example in crude, unimaginative form. A manifesto whose subject I think is both timely and important, but unfortunately authored with little tact or sophistication. Antithetically, it's so mishandled it's gross.

    It's so amateur. I hate the set design. The 2nd AD's directing. The wooden acting. Noé's lacklustre style; direction with disregard for montage, stringing long-taked long shots, with static, Ozu-ish…