Days ★★★★½

Embarrassingly my first Tsai film. The movie kicks off with a statement: "This movie is intentionally unsubtitled", and immediately, you get an idea of what this film will be like. I'm pretty sure there are at most thirty or forty shots in this film. Each long-take is staggeringly long, and while my mind did occasionally wander from time to time, it never left me bored.

This film is 100% atmosphere. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous, and with pretty much no dialogue, the visual storytelling is really good. There's some speaking here and there, but it's sound edited so that the dialogue isn't particularly clear anyways. Through non-verbal means, we see Non and Kang's brief physical and emotional connection and how that affects both of them. It's powerful stuff, and that thirty-minute erotic massage scene was really well done. I am definitely looking forward to watching more Tsai.

Lee Kang-sheng kinda thicc tho.

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