La Haine

La Haine ★★★★★

waited way too long to see this film; this is a masterpiece right here

la haine is filled with energy from beginning to end; it's almost basically a plotless movie, following the lives of three guys within a span of a day; however, within just a day, you learn a lot about all of these characters; hubert preaches anti-violence and aims to leave the projects in search of a better life; vinz is blindly hostile towards all cops, and in a fantastic scene that really gives us an idea of who he is, he imitates travis bickle towards the beginning of the film in front of a mirror; this scene really shows his misinterpretation of vigilante violence (and the whole movie of taxi driver i guess aha) and (supposedly) how willing he is to shoot a cop just to get revenge

we have sayid as well, who i feel like isn't characterized as much as the other two, but keeps the balance between the friendship of the three and prevents hubert and vinz from butting heads too much

over the course of the film, the tension slowly rises, and as the film progresses, different characters start experiencing some sort of violence in their night; without giving too much, the events that transpire towards the end of the film really propel the characters to make hard decisions, and makes for some truly fascinating character development; it makes a statement on the senseless violence, and how even someone who tries so hard to stay peaceful can be triggered to perform violent actions when things get really personal; the ending especially makes me realize how great of a foil hubert is to vinz as a character, and vice versa

speaking of which, the ending... my god... what a shocking (yet fitting) and fantastic conclusion

anyways, i can praise the movie all day if i want; the black/white cinematography is so visually pleasing; there are definitely multiple shots where i was just like DAMN that was dope (especially the gun-pointing scene, iconic!), and it's edited so smoothly; vincent cassel's acting here is phenomenal, and he brings A LOT of energy into this film; even the small movements he does seem to be in-character; the other two leads are incredible as well, and... also the haircut scene is one of the funniest things LOL

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