Suspiria ★★★½

The first two hours of this film is one of the most perfect horror films of the last few years, and I was in shock how good it was. It had me wondering why everyone said this film was so polarizing. It improved upon the original in basically every single way (besides the color obviously, but it's still a very intentional directorial choice). The original honestly had some pretty shit acting (and dubbing), but this film has none of that. The original film was short and never really dived into the lore and the mystery of the cult, but this "remake" went balls-deep into it and gives the audience an idea of what their motivations are.

Also, I loved how they actually showed a lot of dancing in the film. Luca Guadagnino includes a lot of dance sequences as a way to tie it with the cult, and makes dance an integral part of it, which I thought was fantastic, since in the original film, you barely see the dancers do any ballet. It also took a body horror approach (Susie dancing physically causes another girl to suffer from broken bones... almost like a voodoo doll), which I feel is so much more creative than a typical "slasher" movie, which was what the original felt like. It captures the feel of a dancer really well, with a lot of nice choreography and unique sound design that puts me right in the dance studio.

I definitely still stand by my statement that this is a remake done right, in terms of what I think a remake should be. But I cannot emphasize how poorly that ending was delivered. Here I was, enjoying the shit out of the first two hours, and then Guadagnino suddenly runs out of ideas AND budget, and decides to crap out an extremely unsatisfying ending. It's an absolute bloodbath, with some really questionable CGI (maybe it was paying homage to 70s gore). I don't totally dislike it for the direction went, since it actually sort of makes sense in the grand scheme of things, but seriously... what the ass. Such poor delivery in terms of execution and tone. And the score during that scene... like WTF... Of course I'm being super vague to avoid spoilers, but it was like eating the most exquisite bowl of creme brulee only to find out that there's shit on the bottom.

Tilda Swinton's performance(s) were fantastic though!

Note: I watched this on a website that allows friends/loved ones to watch movies together for long-distance relationships and related situations. Amazon Prime, please make something like Netflix Party so it's easier to do this, since it took like an hour to set this up LOL.

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