Tenet ★★★★

Starts off as a Mission Impossible/James Bond-esque kinda deal, and quickly becomes something much more confusing and insane. Can't deny that a lot of the criticisms are valid here, but even with mediocre audio at the drive-in, I still had a blast. The idea of going back in time is not new, but having to travel literally every second of it is certainly an idea I appreciated.

The exposition is not nearly as bad to me as others feel like it is, though there is a decent amount. Maybe this is something I just don't feel until repeat viewings for Nolan films. The plot structure is very conventional until the concept of inversion really kicks into effect, and then the film just loses all formal structure. Definitely flawed, but I can't help but appreciate this $200-million auteurist spectacle.

Glad to see Nolan using more vibrant colors, hoping that there are more neon-drenched scenes in his future films. It doesn't reach the heights of Dunkirk, but I gotta admit that it's fun to see him do something like this again. Hopefully he can find a good balance.

Also the outfits here are all on point. Love the Casablanca reference towards the end. I'll re-watch in an actual theater when I'm back in Taiwan after the semester's over. Favorite movie of 2020 so far.

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