The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

Double feature with Barry Lyndon.

"I will leave that to my friend Masham, who is completely cunt-struck by you."

As a period film, The Favourite not only entertained me from start to finish, I'm actually comfortable calling this a masterpiece (or at least very close to one). I've consistently been left cold by movies with this setting (just watched Barry Lyndon and appreciated its craft but was kind of indifferent to the storytelling), but this film surprisingly has an incredibly relatable story.

This film is basically a sibling rivalry gone wrong (gone sexual). I don't see a lot of other people comparing Sarah + Abigail's relationship dynamics to this (or maybe I haven't read enough reviews), but I think this is why I loved it so much. The idea of sibling rivalry is not foreign to me; I can't help but feel how Sarah felt when Abigail (my younger sister) came into the picture; the feeling of jealousy when the queen (or in my case, my parents) start showing the younger sibling more affection. I mean, my relationship with my sister never got this violent, but you get my point. When I look at the story from this perspective, it becomes deeply engaging. I love how the two leads bounce off of each other, and how their relationship evolves from friendly competition to something truly sinister.

I'm also a huge fan of the way this film kind of mocks royalty in a clever and satirical way. The humor is ruthless and dark, and keeps the film entertaining. The historical aspects are unimportant to the plot (this works to my advantage, but this is just personal taste).

Anyways, this is just a film that completely worked for me. Everyone is on the top of their game, with Emma Stone giving her best performance of her career as of yet. Rachel Weisz (who still looks 25 by the way) and Olivia Colman are equally brilliant. The wide shots are beautiful, and the score is fantastic as well.

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