Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces ★★★

Cool additional scenes I guess but this feels exactly like what it is: a bunch of deleted scenes spliced together. Has very little rhythm to it and feels really choppy, but for its limitations, it felt satisfying enough. Obviously it cuts to the next scene before the meat of the story happens but that's because it was already covered in Fire Walk With Me.

Also decided to deduct Fire Walk With Me by half a star because some of my issues I had with that film became more apparent while watching The Missing Pieces. That is, I just don't always vibe with Lynch's weirdness. I find this segment with Laura Palmer really strange; sometimes I really empathize with her, but other times I find no humanity in her. I'm reminded of the scene where she literally says "gobble gobble" while making out with a dude and that's still one of the dumbest things I've seen in a Lynch movie. It just really makes me laugh, but in a way that kind of undermines the tragedy of Laura. I don't know, not everything Lynch does clicks but sometimes it works despite his wack style.

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