2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

This is easily the most thought provoking film ive ever seen. You could honestly spend hours disecting its meaning.
+My favourite aspect is the atmosphere that Kubrick is able to create. Even when you first put the bluray in there is no menu but instead you are met with a black screen and eerie music. Also the atmosphere makes the first 30 minutes so intriguing yet there is no dialogue. The scenes that show the Monolith feel quite disturbing, due to its mystery and the score.
+I love the sense of ambiguity that the film has regarding its message. Kubrick tends to let things go by without any exposition and I love that. You know its great when you're staying up late reseaching about it.
+Visually the film is stunning, the practical effects still hold up. You can really see why conspiracy theorists think Kubrick was behind the moon landings, that is the ultimate compliment.
+I love the score; its had such a profound impact on pop-culture today.
+The HAL 9000 computer is such an interesting character, and has quite an emotional arc depsite it not even being human.
+Considering the time it was made (one year before the moon landings and at the height of the space race) audiences must have been in shock with what Kubrick was able to do. Even watching it in the year 2020, alot of the things in the film have actually become reality.
+The final act is one big trip.

Overall- 2001 a space odyssesy is a film that I'll be watching atleast once a year from now on.
DID YOU KNOW- Although it's commonly believed that the famous "jump cut" is from the bone being tossed in the air to a ship floating in space, it is in fact not a spaceship, it's a nuclear device circling the earth. So the bone being used as the "first" murder weapon is thrown to the "ultimate" weapon.

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