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  • Greg Davies: You Magnificent Beast

    Greg Davies: You Magnificent Beast


    When comedians tell you funny stories about their life and their family, we know and they know you know it's mostly lies.

    I 85% believe the stuff Greg Davies comes out with. I think if you've seen him telling that shitting in his mum's pants at school story to Ryan Gosling, everything else is more than plausible.

    I wandered off before the end to do some jobs but I did laugh a bit.

    Bring on the new Taskmaster.

  • James Acaster: Represent

    James Acaster: Represent


    cute angle again

    Not quite as funny as the last one but there is gold here for sure.

    Still chuckling about one early throwaway line.

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  • [REC]



    One of the best found-footage films, maybe even THE best. Its secrets are fairly simple. Make it scary and move it along at a brisk pace. This film is never allowed to drag and we are invited to join the dots like the characters up to the genuinely chilling finale. Watching it with headphones on last night was a pant-soilingly good experience.

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    No doubt that giving this film 5 stars at this early stage will provoke some to think I'm 'over-hyping' it. But I wouldn't be comfortable giving it less. It scared me right out of my post-sleepy queue coma.

    This is possibly the best film by James Wan in his already impressive back catalogue. THE CONJURING is an unrelenting tale of two real-life paranormal investigators on their hardest case. They are asked to help a family in their new home occupied…