Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★★

One of my absolute favourites. What can one say that hasn't already been said? Suppose I'll just tell you how I saw this for the first time.

Back in my schooldays, I would convince my amazing nan to rent me horror videos and I had a particular penchant for sequels. This would probably explain my embarrassing early fascination with Police Academy films. On one glorious Sunday afternoon, I persuaded her to get me the amazing looking EVIL DEAD II box from off the shelf. I didn't know what Evil Dead was, I'd not seen the original. I just wanted to see Part 2. I would've been around 13 or 14. Maybe younger. Yeepers.

So back at my grandmothers bungalow while she was off doing nan stuff, and I'd stuck my football stickers in the annual (glorious days), I stuck this film in the VHS player. It blew my tiny impressionable mind and clicked a switch in my brain that my adult self will never be able to turn back off. The blood, the comedy, the blood, the camera angles, the blood, the Chin, the blood. I couldn't believe what I was watching.

Unfortunately, long before the film had finished, my nan had visitors. My auntie came round with her two boys. I will never forget her face as she said "What are you watching James?!" as Ash in the film fights to contain the cellar deadite and the eyeball moment happened. I laughed my fucking head off. What a moment and what timing. My auntie was far from impressed but my two cousins were just as blown away as I was.

Now I'm far from some black sheep in my family. I'm nice and polite, never really in trouble but I think I am considered odd what with my love of these films (most a lot lot worse than this classic). Think I scarred my auntie that day but she'll live and she must've forgiven me pretty quickly. Don't remember any long-lasting tension. Although I was sent to a boarding school for a couple of years. Huh.

So this was the film that did it. Along with the films my mum would tape me off the telly. The Hammer Horrors, American Werewolf (nightmare city that one), The Shining and every dark-sounding film I could see in the TV guide.

On a different note, my last 3 films I've seen on the big screen have been this, THE EVIL DEAD & FATHER'S DAY. I'm never going to have a better run than that.

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