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This review may contain spoilers.

Very promising debut for Gerard Johnstone.

This New Zealand comedy horror gets by on number of laughs and more than a few moments of ingenuity. The plot focuses on young Kylie being given a house imprisonment sentence after a bungled robbery. Really not taking too well to the idea of moving back home, she proves a handful for her mother. But her boredom is put to one side as strange noises in the basement spur her on to investigate the creepy-looking neighbour.

One huge compliment I can afford this film is that going in I didn't know what type of this film would be. An hour in, I still didn't know really. The scares might turn out be a divisive factor with audiences. Lots of jump scares and loud noises. Personally I'm into that, but jaded audiences might tire of them, but hopefully the funny script, engaging characters (even the fairly unlikeable lead) and surprises in the story will them over.

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