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This review may contain spoilers.

The legend of King Arthur gets a modern twist with this violent kitchen-sink drama meets a Pulp Fiction/Wicker Man hybrid. The King Arthur thing is of course a popular theory to the mysterious motives of the nefarious cult and to the journey of war-traumatised killer Jay. There are too many allusions to the legendary king to be simply discounted and adds much allegorical substance to the story. The terrifying score helps add a certain sense of foreboding and dread. Everything that happens seems inevitable and the trap has been set for a while, not just for Jay. Not all the answers are given, and this drives some viewers up the wall, but I for one welcome films to allow us to use our imaginations. Often the worst aspects in otherwise good films is their explanation for the previous 90 minutes. It's never as scary as we dreamed to imagine.

I love this film.

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