Proxy ★★★★½

"Why can't they make good horror films that make you think any more?"

My version: "Why couldn't they make films like PROXY in the 70's 80's 90's."

A film delivered right out of one of the ideas in Fight Club and explored to great success. Zack Parker gives us an unusual tale which at first involves an attack on a pregnant woman and then goes... to places which would be unfair to reveal here. Another FrightFest entry I went into totally blind and this paid off in spades.

While not wanting to go into the plot at all, I can commend the writing, the interesting and unsympathetic and sympathetic characters and the sense of humour that reminded me of Chris 'Jam' Morris. I look forward to seeing what people make of this one and we can talk about it a little.

I beamed when Joe Swanberg's name appeared on the opening credits. :-D

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