Tig ★★★★

My wife Steph told me about Tig Notaro when she appeared in an episode of Louie we were watching. She wasn't a fan at that point, but knew all about that set she did which has gone down in comedy legend. As a comedian herself, Steph is always happy to watch whatever comedy specials are on Netflix, particularly the female performers, and when we saw this had just landed on there, we pretty much dropped everything. I even stopped playing Football Manager for 95 minutes.

So TIG obviously focuses on Tig Notaro, comic and actress, and it goes back in time to the point in time where she received news which would rock her life. Then she received more news which would do the same. And a couple more times! Horrific luck where a lot of people would just crumble, but Tig goes out on stage and talks about it. There is no video, but we do get to hear some of it and it truly is stand-up at its very best. Much like the rest of this documentary, you'll laugh and you'll cry (or in the modern internet language: "tonally uneven."). Dark dark stuff, but told in trademark Tig style, of which Steph and myself now ARE fans of.

Apart from covering that time period, the film also brings us up to date, and this is no less funny or heartwarming or tragic.

And now I have a legitimate excuse to rewatch CATCH HELL again and get Steph on it :-D

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