V/H/S: Viral ★★★

The consensus for this film at FrightFest when the end credits began were really not good. A giant thumbs down in fact. I hate reviews that talk about other people's opinions so I'll stop being hypocritical and move on to the film. Just thought I'd get that in to lower expectations for anybody looking forward to this.

VHS: VIRAL is a dizzying messy and yet gloriously punk rock 3rd entry into the franchise. Much more confusing and disjointed than the previous 2 entries, this is both its weakness but also its saving grace.

The segments were of a varied quality as we always expect. BONESTORM directed by Moorhead/Benson (Resolution) my obvious highlight. The SAFE HAVEN of the piece but not as great as that, we follow a gang of skaters battling Mexican death cultists and hordes of hooded skeletons using guns and grenades in a desperate attempt to survive. Funny and entertaining but not scary or tense enough perhaps.

The most problematic section once again is the wraparound. Though I've seen it convincingly argued otherwise, so it's subjective of course. I think it is a little too confusing at what's going on. Truly chaotic and aesthetically rough, though it didn't quite gel perfectly for me, it did contain 2 wonderfully sick moments before giving us my favourite conclusion to the entire series.

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