Video Nasties: Draconian Days ★★★★

I loved the first film a heck of a lot and so was very excited to go into this follow-up. I suspected this would feature more on James Ferman and an era I have more recollection of as a 35-year-old and that proved the case.

Not really moving away from Moral Panic as such as the mainstream media was still not above whipping people into frenzies over lies and agendas, so the territory is familiar, some of the faces and names are the same. But the targets are newer films. Namely Rambo, Ninja Turtles, Child's Play 3 etc

Highlights include many clips of eye violence (New York Ripper is discussed), Alan Jones in a sharp suit on telly in the 80's speaking to morons, Ali G vs. Ferman, Martin Barker explaining how a film which tackles misogyny doesn't make it a mysogynistic film (amazing how many don't seem to understand that), and legendary tales of geeks repopulating the streets with uncut nasties.

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