Wolf Creek 2 ★★★★

And with only the 2nd entry, Mick Taylor overtakes Freddy, Jason & Michael as a horror villain in my eyes.

What could have been a poor retread, this film is instead clearly reveling in a higher budget. There are proper action sequences that riff off Duel but with added CG marsupials. I'd sooner they did keep them CG rather than do what Wake In Fright did. This is a mean film, sure, but not that mean.

Mick is still doing what he does, but he is fleshed out a little more and has a laugh-out-loud script of his own. Every word or sound out of his mouth I could laugh at. Great to watch.

You'll get the things you expect from this: unfortunate hitchhikers, high amount of violence and gore, a cackling mesmeric but very evil Mick (John Jarratt). But you might find yourself surprised at how thrilling and entertaining and funny it all is. I was.

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