Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead ★★★★

Of course this was going to be great.

Australian. Zombies. "Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead."

Side note: you ever notice how people who moan about remakes and originality often sell films to us as Film A meets Film B or Film A on Drug A?


I don't really have to say much about this. We know what zombie films are like. We don't really have many zombie films from Australia though. This fills that chasm with ease. It's not that similar to Mad Max. Or Dawn of the Dead all that much. I mean there's a million zombie films that rot in between and there's a bit bitten off that one, a little more of that one..

Originality doesn't matter a jot though. Not when you make something as fun as this. It's a rollicking ride across the bushland as we are introduced to various characters. Some of them we grow to like immensely and then we get sad 'cos they're not all going to make it.

Very funny and supremely entertaining.

More please.

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