Chungking Express ★★★★

Chungking Express is probably Wong Kar-Wai's ode to romance, longing and 90s Hong Kong. Kar-Wai is known as an auteur for his visual work and Chungking Express is another example why. Instead of working on Ashes of Time, he took some time off and...made another film: Chungking Express.

Written during the day and shot by night is impressive and makes the film an exciting one that adds to Kar-Wai's pool of Asian work. While not his opus, Chungking Express is fascinating on its own. It's a film that's not plot driven but rather pulled and told by jarring cinematography, takeaway-meals and serendipitous tales.

An exotic bright colors and cinematography that's a combination of cris-cross, fast-moving shots that seems like a huge powder of euphoria has been splashed all over the screen. It's not your-typical-romance. It's more about storytelling, dialogue and narrative that's shown through the visuals that allures you.

It's the shakey cameras, the close-ups and the movements that guide you as you want. It's cinematic freedom that speaks pure Kar-Wai style of emotionally resonating narrative, visual uniqueness and stylized touch.

This is a intertwining stories of two cops, both of which are getting over a heartbreak on their own ways yet are told in similar ways through the use of visuals and small references and even candid symbolism that reflect Kar-Wai's poetic storytelling. It's really the second story that shows more of Kar-Wai masterpiece with cinematic sequences, engaging dialogues and great contrast and after effects. It's the little details of slow-motions or Faye's dancing in no. 663's apartment that pulls the cinematographic storytelling forward.

As such Chungking Express just like Kar-Wai's films about love is showing that love-can't really be described. No words. Instead, he shows it through visuals and details and such. This makes the film pure, not romanticized and a alluring ode to Asian cinema.

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