Parasite ★★★★½

I'm late but I finally watched this. And it's so worth the wait.

I probably won't be adding anything new to the things already said about this film. I came here blind and I truly meant for it to be that way because I wanted to see this without really knowing what it was about — which is difficult because all's been said about the film. That said, I did have high expectations and well, they were met. Probably exceeded even.

Yeah, calling this a wild ride might be an understatement. More than 2 hours of running time did not feel like two hours. This is a fusion of comedy, drama, and thriller all-in-one. I was at the edge of my seat (literally) in the last hour or so. There's so much anticipation and build-up that makes the climax all so worth it. Gosh, from the way it started and the way it ended, the characters, the build-in, the framing, the cuts, the shots, the dialogue — each feels like it's really been thought of so well.

Truly deserving of its Palme D'Or and perhaps Bong Joon-ho's greatest work to date. I'm glad that Bong (although he was already well-known before) and Korean cinema is finally catapulting into the spotlight that it so rightfully deserves.

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