Avatar ★★½

This movie is by far not as great as I remebered it to be. I bought the Extended Collector's Edition recently for a really cheap price and was looking forward to watching this behemoth of a blockbuster.
What Avatar does best, we all know. But there are trillion things you can nitpick about, and oh boy do I want to nitpick this movie apart, but I will have mercy. It reinvents the wheel of a story that has been used in countless other movies, many of them certainly doing a better job, and thus every single story beat I swear feels so familiar. Its cliché after cliché. And let us not start with those characters, my gosh are they bland. How on earth do you enjoy a movie like that? The protagonist literally gets dragged into the plot solely because his brother died? He was a scientist and Jake Sully is an Ex - Marine, but ye why the hell not hire him, since he is his brother. I'm beginning to nitpick, I'll stop, but there is a lot more trust me on this. Besides, this movie has to win the award for creating the most archetypical, at the same time detestable bunch of characters that have ever appeared on screen.
Tough, tanned military dude who wears tanktops 24/7. Check.
Greedy, arrogant boss who gives a damn about the indigenous people. Check.
Super nerdy scientists. Triple Check.
Michelle Rodriguez as a rebellious woman. Absolutely Check.
Indigenous love interest. Check.
Indigenious love interest's jealous love interest. Check.
The list goes on and on.
I just couldn't help but to view this supposedly revolutionary blockbuster from a more critical angle this time. The last time I saw this, my younger self loved it actually, but even the CGI - Artists can't make up for the lack of fundamental character elements and a generic, overused story. That was just a big, big let down.

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