Castle Freak ★★½

First off, does it bother anyone else that the cover image of the box is a huge spoiler?! When u watch the movie they take great pains not to show Giorgio until the end of the film and it seems a shame that they put his face on the front cover.
I'm aware that I'm in the minority among horror fans but I have come to the conclusion that I'm just not a big fan of Stuart Gordon's style of horror. I can enjoy some Charles Band stuff and I like the original Reanimator or at least I did the last time I saw it. But having seen "From Beyond" and this in recent years, and having been disapointed by both. I sort of feel like Gordon has a lot of the things that I don't care for in 80's horror in his aesthetic.
Both "From Beyond" This film and "Reanimator" to a lesser extent throw in sexual violence as an joke in a way that has really not aged well. And in general, I think that Gordon's approach is more edgy than actually creepy or suspensful. He definitely is willing to go to grotesque places in his films, but there's no actual dread.
The performances in this one are excellent. Barbara Crampton and Jeffery Combs are both great