Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

I've been thinking about this movie on and off for the last 20 hours since I've seen it. This is one that sticks with you...it sticks with me...makes me think...and begs the question, what if?

I want to live in the world that Tarantino spins. A world that didn't lose its innocence in August of 1969. A world that continued on a different path. Somewhat like Chris Cooper's character in 11.22.63, Tarantino is convinced that August of 1969 and the Manson murders is also one of those times where America had to grow up and face the facts of the ugliness we live in.

The Manson murders left a profound impact on my parents and the baby boomer generation. I remember my mother sharing her account of what it meant to her and how terrifying it was to the generation. It's something that's now lost and I wonder if it will resonate with others as much as it has with me.

What if indeed.

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